Another reminder about cohabitation

Resolution is an organisation of family lawyers and other professionals committed to trying to bring a non-confrontational approach to family law matters. 

Resolution reported as follows in November 2017 on some research that it had commissioned:

'Millions of unmarried couples living together are unaware that they are at severe financial risk as a result of the current legal system, national family justice organisation Resolution has warned.

As the fastest growing family type in the UK, the number of unmarried couples living together - or cohabiting - has more than doubled from 1.5m in 1996 to 3.3m in 2017. However, a new ComRes poll reveals a significant lack of understanding about the rights available to these couples should their relationship end.'

Resolution chair Nigel Shepherd said:

'Today's poll shows that many still believe in the myth that they will get financial rights through 'common-law marriage'. This means millions of cohabiting couples are unaware that they don't have automatic claims, for example on the property they live in, if they split up. This makes it less likely they'll take steps to protect themselves.

In many cases, this lack of protection affects women more than men, as they are still more likely to have taken time off work to raise children.'

As we have reported before, cohabiting couples have no automatic right to property, assets or the house if they split up, irrespective of how long they have been together or how many children they might have.

The research is yet another reminder of the importance for co-habiting couples to take detailed legal advice if they buy a house together and to have wills drawn up.

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