To be a 'worker' is the gig economy

We recently reported on the Pimlico Plumbers case in which a plumber was a ‘worker’ and not a self-employed contractor.

The significance of this status is that the employment rights are increased for the workers and they are entitled to national minimum wage, holiday pay and protection from discrimination.

Addison Lee, the taxi and courier company is the latest organisation to lose a case on this subject. A cycle courier working for Addison Lee was held to be a ‘worker’.

The Employment Tribunal will look at the facts of each case and the relationship between the employer and the worker but the tide certainly seems to be turning in favour of ‘workers’.

The case involving the cab firm, Uber is going to appeal in the autumn.

Employers who regularly work with staff whom the employers consider to be self-employed contractors should review their policies and terms and conditions.

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