How to buy and sell your home

The Government has recently issued new guidance for consumers in England and Wales on how to buy and sell your home.

The guides set out:

  • An overview of the process
  • The important steps along the way
  • Which organisations can help
  • Where readers can find more information

The guidance booklets have come in for some criticism, however. There were some errors in them to start with - these have now been rectified - but did not help to make a good impression.

Mortgage brokers have also criticised the guides for being too generic. One commentator said that the benefits of using a good, independent mortgage broker were not highlighted and reference to payment of fees may have cheapened the value of good, independent advice.

The guides do point out to consumers the importance of taking legal advice - but suggests that a conveyancer is not instructed until a buyer's offer is accepted by the seller. It can be useful to identify and instruct your conveyancer earlier in the transaction than this. You can deal with all of the identification and due diligence procedures - then your conveyancer will be ready to proceed quickly as soon as the transaction is agreed.

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